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We offer comprehensive support and service for individual apartments with My Man in Berlin. Specialized in apartments from owners who live outside of Berlin or Germany. So also cleaning, care and support of apartment buildings and house complexes with the house service Berens For almost 20 years we have successfully provided our experience as co-hosts at AirBNB as well as caretakers in the care of properties. We attach particular importance to always being personally accessible to our customers, tenants or guests, and always try to clarify and resolve all problems and difficulties as quickly as possible

My Man in Berlin

An apartment concierge service attends to the needs of owners while they are away. This may include: cleaning and maintaining the apartment, monitoring the property, responding to inquiries from guests, supervising deliveries and supervising repairs and maintenance. The service is designed to provide a worry-free experience for the owner while ensuring property remains safe and well-maintained.

Hausservice Berens

A highly personal caretaker service offers individual and personalized care for the client's property. This may include: regular inspections of property to ensure it is in good condition, small repairs and maintenance, cleaning and organizing property, supervising deliveries and supervising repairs and maintenance. The service attaches great importance to a close relationship with the customer and strives to understand and implement their needs and desires. This can result in customers having a worry-free experience and feeling that their belongings are in good hands

My Man in Berlin / Hausservice Berens,Inhaber: Thomas Berens, Ansbacher Str. 76, 10777 Berlin, berlin@mymaninberlin.com, +49 172 2654352

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